Boomr Bag Complete Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit




Start growing your own dung-loving edible or medicinal mushrooms indoors!

Our beginner-friendly Boomr Bag Monotub Mushroom Grow Kit makes mushroom growing easy. Created by mycologists (monotub mushrooms), this starter kit is equipped with everything you need to begin. (All that’s required is a spore syringe or liquid culture!) The monotub is designed with airflow and humidity controls and requires no high-tech additions. And the manure-based sterile substrates, injection port bag, and coco coir provide mediums for colonization, incubation, and growth.

We’ve also included self-adhesive filters and black micropore tape that fit over holes on the monotub lid and base. These are designed to keep out foreign spores and other contaminants while maintaining proper, airflow, and gas exchange.

Each kit includes:

  • (1) Max Yield Bins monotub
  • (3) Boomr Bag Sterile Manure-Based Substrate (5 lbs each)
  • (1) Organic Sterilized Grain Bag with Injection Port (3 lbs)
  • (1) Coco Coir (5 lbs)
  • (2) sheets of 2” self-adhesive filters (12 pack)
  • (1) roll of 1/2″ black micropore tape (10 yards)

Designed by Max Yield Bins to make indoor mushroom growing easy, this monotub is equipped to control airflow circulation and humidity retention. Durable, with tight-fitting latches to keep the lid sealed to the base, it’s fit with a custom light-blocking base to prevent mushrooms from growing on the sides or bottom of your bin.

Dimensions: 22.5”(L) x 15.5”(W) x 12”(H)

monotub mushrooms

Our best-selling Boomr Bag is a sterile bulk mushroom substrate formulated by mycologists to maximize your mushroom yield. It features a proprietary blend of composted horse manure, coco coir, and several quality substrate supplements (although we keep the exact blend a secret!) Over several years, it has been perfected for dung-loving mushroom species and is widely-trusted by mushroom growers. Each bag weighs 5 pounds. (Note: Bags are hydrated to field capacity.)


Our sterile grain bag with injection port was formulated by mycologists to maximize the speed and size of your mushroom grow. Each spawn bag contains 3 lbs of our proprietary blend featuring hydrated, nutrient-rich organic millet and wheat berries. Bags also include a self-healing injection port for use with a spore or culture syringe plus a 0.2 micron filter patch to block airborne contaminants while providing even gas exchange. Bag weighs 3 pounds. (Note: Bags are hydrated to field capacity.)

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