Misoprostol 200mg


Brand Name: Cytotec

Generic Name: misoprostol

Drug Class: Gastrointestinal Agents, Other; Prostaglandins, Endocrin


  • 100 mcg
  • 200 mcg

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misoprostol price, this medication is used to prevent stomach ulcers while you take NSAIDs (e.g., aspirinibuprofennaproxen), especially if you are at risk for developing ulcers or have a history of ulcers.

 Misoprostol helps to decrease your risk of serious ulcer complications such as bleeding. This medication protects your stomach lining by lowering the amount of acid that comes in contact with it.

This medication is also used in combination with another drug (mifepristone) to end a pregnancy (abortion).

How to use Misoprostol | misoprostol price

This medicine comes with a patient information leaflet. Read it carefully. If you have any questions about this drug, ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist.

Side Effects

Nausea, Diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), anemia and stomach cramps

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