Peyote Super Cluster (Lophophora Williamsii)




peyote seeds

Peyote seeds. One of the most sought after cacti, native to Mexico and Southwestern Texas. This spineless cacti is vulnerable in its natural habitat due to its popularity; our cacti are therefore grown from sustainable sources. This super ‘Caespitosa cluster has countless amount of pups! A very rare and spectacular edition to any collection.

Our shop proposes only the most recently harvested Lophophora williamsii seeds peyote seedsand healthy peyote plants. We are not wholesaler and we propose sometimes different varieties but only recently harvested seeds in order to guarantee the highest germination rate. 

Plants will be sent bare rooted: Please ensure that you have your substrate and pot ready for your new plant or peyote seeds! Sending plants bare rooted is the safest way to protect them, from damage in transit and rot.

SHIPPING INFO peyote seeds

 We take pride in our rare/unique plants. Delicately packing each item and attaching a unique plant passport to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time.

Contact us to check if the phytosanitary can be made for your order. Of course, if you choose to order a cactus or peyote seeds without phytosanitary documents, you order at your own risks. Totally aware of your local laws and customs requirements. You must know the laws of your country before ordering. And that we can not be held responsible for an order which is seized. There are many countries and laws differ from one to another. 

We ship almost worldwide in a discreet way and yes we also ship lophophora seeds and plants to the USA, AUSTRALIA, NZ, Europe…

All transactions are 256 bit encrypted and very secure. Beside, our site is hacker safe and payments are processed via our worldwide trusted third party payment processor.
At no time can we see or store your credit card details.

If you have any question, contact us here



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