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Sporeworks – psilocybe cubensis spore print?

Sporeworks a mushroom track can be compared to a seed of a plant. The spores can be found, depending on which type of mushroom, either between the slats or in the tubes under the mushroom’s hat. When the spores are, say, fertilized, they fall to the ground near the mushrooms or are carried away by the wind. When the fungal spores hit the ground, the mushroom’s life cycle will start again by forming a mycelium from which mushrooms grow again. The mushroom spores are available in the form of a mushroom spore print, syringe or bottle. psilocybe cubensis spore print


Why grow psychedelic mushrooms with sporeworks?

Cultivating mushroom spores and a spore print requires quite a bit of work and a lot of knowledge. We therefore always advise you to inform yourself well and to watch videos so that you get an idea before you decide to make a purchase. The advantage of growing with magic mushrooms spores is that you can grow a lot of magic mushrooms for a much smaller amount than, for example, with grow kits. Of course, the costs of making the substrate and other growing supplies.

How do I store psychedelic mushrooms with spore print?

Growing psychedelic mushrooms with a spore print isn’t very easy, but it isn’t Rocket-Science either! The spores are collected on a sterile foil and are stored under refrigerated conditions. A mushroom spore print can be kept refrigerated between 2*C-8*C. A spore print can be stored for years.

Can I also grow truffles with a mushroom spore print?

This is possible, but unfortunately we do not offer this psychedelic magic mushroom strain in the form of a spore print. We do sell truffle spores in a spore vial. A spore bottle contains millions of spores. Here you pull the spores out of the bottle with the supplied injection needle. You then inject this into a liquid medium, called Liquid Culture. You use a liquid medium to speed up the germination process of the mushroom spore. If you don’t use LC it will take much longer for your mushrooms to come up. We also offer ready-made spore syringes. With a spore syringe you can immediately start inoculating spores in a sterilized substrate. Always use gloves and a mouth cap when handling a mushroom spore print, syringe or bottle works.

What is the fastest way to grow magic mushrooms?

Do you have no experience growing magic mushrooms? Then we recommend going for a grow kit. These are easy to set up and maintain. Of course you can grow a lot of magic mushrooms with a mushroom spore print, but you can also go wrong quickly to go. A growkit contains a substrate with the mycelium that will grow when the first instructions are executed. The harvest of a magic mushroom grow kit is much smaller than with a spore print or bottle, but it is much simpler. You don’t have to mix substrate or sterilize all your tools including substrate. You buy 1 box and you’re done. That is why we always advise you to learn how to handle a grow kit before you start using magic mushrooms.


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