White Chanterelle (Cantharellus subalbidus)



Chanterelle mushrooms

chanterelle mushrooms for sale the white chanterelle  is a choice edible mostly found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It differs from other chanterelles in its whitish color and in its scent—unlike most, it does not smell like apricot. All parts of the mushroom are whitish but can discolor to yellowish or orangish. The White Chanterelle goes by it’s scientific name Cantharellus subalbidus.

While the white chanterelle is not generally considered medicinal, it is a healthy food. Some claims for medicinal value have been made for related species

Chanterelle mushrooms

Storing and Handling Dried Wild Mushrooms:

  • Reconstitute dried, wild mushrooms by adding some warm water, wine or stock. Allow to re-hydrate for 15-20 minutes; then strain excess liquid and debris.
  • Reconstituted yield is 6-8x dry weight
  • Store unused dried mushrooms in air-tight packaging to reduce exposure to unwanted moisture and keep in dark area out of direct sunlight.
  • Shelf-life if stored properly- wild mushrooms will last for several months.
Dried Chanterelle Mushroom Chanterelle Mushroom are among the most popular wild edible mushrooms. These mushrooms vary in color from orange to yellow to white, depending on where they grow. On the lower surface, underneath the smooth cap, most species have rounded, forked folds that run almost all the way down the stipe, which tapers down seamlessly from the cap. Popular in many parts of the world, Chanterelle Mushroom are well-loved for their fruity aroma, reminiscent of apricots, and their mildly peppery taste. These mushrooms also offer several notable health benefits. How to cook Dried Chanterelle Mushroom There are many ways to cook Chanterelles. Most of the flavorful compounds in chanterelles are fat-soluble, making them good mushrooms to saute’ in butter, oil or cream.

Chanterelle mushrooms

They also contain smaller amounts of water, which lend the mushrooms well to recipes involving wine or other cooking alcohols. Many popular methods of cooking chanterelles include them in sautés, souffles, cream sauces and soups. They are not eaten raw as their rich and complex flavor is best released when cooked. Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms can also be used as a great addition to your pasta and rice dishes, as well as a savory side for steaks, chicken and fish. Cooking instructions. Steep in warm water for 30 minutes. Remove, rinse and squeeze dry. Cut to desired sizes. Sautee in olive oil or butter, reserve the flavorful soaking liquid, strain and add to your favorite recipe. How to store Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms Dried Chanterelle Mushroom are excellent cooking companions. Having them always available is an easy way to add flavor to soups, passages, pasta or rice first courses, sautés, omelets and countless other dishes. A small amount of dried  can do a lot, so having some of them aside is a great idea. The best way to store dried Chanterelle mushrooms is to freeze them. Using a good airtight container with a tightly fitting lid is essential chanterelle mushrooms for sale.

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